Apollo & The Community

At Apollo we are proud of our home areas; Wrexham and Mold. Using the method of advertisement within local amenities, such as; hotels, clubs, pubs, food
stores and restaurants, Apollo can link together the social scenes of our home towns, with our quality taxi services.

Apollo can offer the community a number of advertising features such as phones and cigarette bins, to be placed in areas of your choosing in your establishment.
For more information, please get in touch using the contact details on this website, or via the button above.

Apollo Taxi - Taxi Tablets

Apollo Taxi Tablets are ideal in any club, pub or take away where a large quantity of people requiring a taxi service are likely to gather.

These can be placed wherever it is the most convenient for you, and for people to use with maximum ease.

All our free phones are supplied free of charge, including the fitment and maintenance of the phone units.

Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding the availability and quantity
of units you may require - aswell as if you require anymore information about
the Taxi Tablet units.

Apollo Taxi - Cigarette Bins

Apollo ‘Cig-Bins’ are a perfect way of making use of areas in your club, pub or
These ‘Cig-Bins’ provided customers with a place to dispose of litter correctly
as well as allowing them to seek out an Apollo Taxi number in seconds.

All of our services aren't just a one way benefit. In return for advertising
Apollo, we will promote your establishment online, in our offices, and to
clients on our jobs.

A prime example is our Advertising Bins as pictured opposite. These are based
within smoking areas, in visible places.

Apollo Taxi - Taxi Butlers

The Taxi Butlers are placed at Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and Company Receptions. These devices are perfect for when customers are in need of a taxi, as soon as possible.
They can make an order with the click of a button and multiple taxis can be ordered from a single Taxi Butler.

The Taxi Butler is directly connected to your dispatch system, and the order is processed in seconds. Customers receive live updates on driver details.

When the taxi arrives customers get a visual alert. This saves waiting time and thus improves your drivers efficiency.
Apollo Taxis can provide these for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Receptions and more! The service comes with free fitting and setup for you as well.

For more information on the Apollo Taxis Taxi Butler, please contact us.

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Apollo Taxis Booking App

Booking a taxi has never been easier! Aswell as using our website as a method of booking a taxi, our new ‘Apollo Taxis App - Powered by iCabbi’ allows you to book your taxi at a few touches of the screen on your smartphone.

Booking Taxis via our app is even faster than calling our office. Thanks to your smartphones GPS Capabilities, you don’t even have to enter your address!
Simply press, “find my location” and your phone will display a list of nearby streets; just add the door number and building/company name.

Our App is available on the ‘App Store’ for Apple Devices and the ‘Google Play’ Store for Android devices.